Website Design & Development

Website Design

A simple ethos and effective web design

For us website design isn’t just about creating something that looks good. Design is in everything we do, from the way we engage with our clients and plan their projects, to the usability of the websites we build.

As web designers, our approach to design stems from simplicity and effectiveness. There are now so many ways to present information online that, actually, the challenge for any website design agency is to refine that information and deliver it in an easy-to-use and digestible way for the end user. Not necessarily to wow them with special effects, but to deliver bespoke design that fits the requirements and delivers on objectives.

Digital Development

Digital Development

The underlying architecture of the web

Web development incorporates the technology that underpins the web. It’s the unseen code and structure that dictates how all websites look on the surface, from the simplest microsite to the most complex ecommerce platform. At Rifle we take pride in translating the visual into code and back the other way, building responsive websites and web applications that perform for our clients.


At Rifle we utilise core web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP, ensuring accessibility and usability standards across all platforms and devices – meaning all of our websites are mobile (and user) friendly. We are also able to maximise our client’s budgets by utilising a blend of existing frameworks, open source platforms and bespoke development. By specialising in popular platforms such as Drupal, Perch and Wordpress our clients have total control via tailored CMS (Content Management System) as well as portability.

Our web technologies

Website Hosting and Support

Let us take care of it

Most of the time our clients don’t want to know the ins and outs of dedicated servers, shared servers, DNS TTL values or anything else related to hosting that you care to mention. The most important thing is that your domain and website are managed well and perform reliably. At Rifle we provide a dedicated website hosting and management service.

We offer tiers of web hosting and support to cover a variety of projects from standard HTML sites to ecommerce stores and web applications. We also take the pain out of email and can help to support the communications infrastructure of your business.

Rifle website support services

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