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With a target audience of entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners around Cambridge and Essex it is crucial that the website delivers impact in a concise and easy to navigate way. The tiered navigation divides content into two main areas.

An overview of the organisation and the services offered, as well as a dedicated area for each business centre. Each centre confidently portrays its uniqueness and personality whilst remaining a coherent part of the business as a whole.

It's all about the centres

Each business centre page works as a stand-alone point of reference for the centre. Displaying key details, an overview of the services offered and additional content such as a team section, gallery, map and enquiry form.

The stand-alone navigation for each centre is positioned below a header image, which when scrolled is fixed at the top of the page. This allows the primary navigation to still be accessible and gives the user control over the current centre page.

“Rifle have been great to work with – a no-nonsense briefing process, and a ‘consultative’ approach to the build of the website. We're really happy with our new site, which works across all platforms, looks great, and is entirely editable by us.”
Maya Bullen - Group Manager

Refined for easy access

It's not so much about access on the go as it is about easy access. Our approach to responsive design is both simplistic and thorough, making sure that whatever we implement on the website will translate across all devices, equally well, without affecting user experience.

Designing and building the Mantle Business Centres website has proven to be just the start of an ongoing relationship.

As with all of our clients we aim to over deliver and build a solid working relationship. As a testimony to this we continue to work closely with Mantle on various other projects as well as supporting the website with our in-house hosting and management services.

Not just limited to digital work, Mantle have entrusted us to carry out design work on brochures and other print collateral.

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