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Prowner are an ambitious technology startup company based in Saffron Walden, who were looking to provide a comprehensive property management web application. Our relationship began in the spring of 2013 where we worked with the founders to bring the concept to life.

We provided a naming strategy as well as developing the branding from the ground up. In the early stages our key objective was to deliver a working prototype of the application as well as an attractive website to market the application and highlight its features. offers a rich overview of what can be expected from the application.
At the heart of Prowner is an easy to use (per property) calendar system.

Feature rich

The application contains very useful features designed for professional property owners, from inventory and document management to property rate bands and payment tracking.

Our challenge was to manage the development of features and UI design in parallel to ensure a minimum viable product at all times.

By using frameworks such as CakePHP and Twitter's Bootstrap we were able to get off the ground quite quickly in terms of the base level application functionality. From there is was really about refining usability and functionality.

Create property zones to simplify property management.
Manage your possessions by placing them in zones.
Clearly defined booking status icons


Our work on the Prowner project is typical of many startups. We worked to a fixed budget which needed to incorporate a wide range of creative design work and technical development.

It's a real challenge to evolve a project from the ground up incrementally. Products like Prowner naturally evolve rather than be the finished article on day one. That's why we work with our clients to direct a project like this through various phases on various levels.

Prowner actually consists of multiple singular projects and activities that are all interlinked. The full brief consisted of Naming Strategy, Branding, Website Design and Development, Copywriting, Application Planning & Build, User Interface Design & Testing as well as Hosting and Technical Support. We didn't want to spend the entire budget on the development of the application and needed to give a fair amount of attention to branding and the website design.

We continue to work with Prowner, supporting the ongoing development and infrastructure of the application as well as assisting the Prowner team with getting the product to market.